Both practical and cute!

Tips on smartest baby clothes to buy month by month!

Buying baby clothing gifts is a lot of fun; there are so many cute items to choose between. But if you want the clothes to be both cute and useful, read our guide here for what to buy and what not to buy for babies month by month.

Before I had children of my own, I made a lot of mistakes in this area. And no wonder; how was I to know that socks are pretty useless for newborn babies for example? Well, I learned from experience.

So, if you’re not sure what to buy for your sister’s newborn or your neighbour’s 6 months old, or even your own baby, use my guide below.

Baby Clothing Gifts Ideas

  • 0-3 Months Baby Clothes
  • 3-6 Months Baby Clothes
  • 6-9 Months Baby Clothes
  • 9-12 Months Baby Clothes
  • Buying Baby Clothes Online

0-3 Months Baby Clothes

To buy baby clothing gifts aimed at the newborn baby (up to 3 months old), a good starting point is what this little fellow can do and likes to do.

A newborn baby pretty much lies down sleeping, eating or just looking around most of the time (or crying…). However, he or she has very little control over their limbs and a poor vision. The suckling and rooting reflexes are strong.

If you want to buy clothes for the newborn baby, you’ve also got to remember that newborn infants grow incredibly fast. So:

  • Buy something that is appropriate for the current season.
  • Buy something that is comfortable to sleep in since that’s what newborn babies mainly do. (Or at least they lie down most of the time). Hence no large buttons or uncomfortable seams.
  • Socks are hopeless at this age, they usually fall off. Consider buying trousers with feet instead.
  • Don’t buy anything with an attached hood or collar. When the hood or collar touches the baby’s cheek it triggers the rooting and suckling reflex, making the poor baby search for the nipple in vain.
  • Avoid clothes that you have to pull over the head unless the opening can be made very wide, especially to fist time parents.It can be quite scary to pull a too tight top over a newborn baby’s head unless you are very used to do it.
  • Great buys are (organic) onesies and bodysuits that open with easy buttons between the legs, trousers that have soft, wide waistband and built-in feet (unless it is summer or you live in a warm climate.)

Baby clothes to buy for the newborn baby:

  • White and light colors (go well with breast milk and formula burps)
  • Soft clothes that don’t need to be pulled over the head
  • Onesies rather than shirts
  • Trousers with feet
  • Trousers as well as pajamas that can be opened at the bottom to change diapers without undressing the baby. (Newborn babies generally hate being naked.)
  • Clothes without hoods and collars.

3-6 Months Baby Clothes

tips on Baby Clothing GiftsWhen the baby has reached the prominent age of between 3 to 6 months, life has often become a little bit easier for the new family. The baby might eat a bit less often, colic usually disappears, the nights might have become a bit easier or at least more predictable and the baby is quite content and curious. Many babies start rolling over during this age and may also become able to sit up with support.

Baby clothing gifts should still be soft and aimed at babies that do a lot of lying down. But since the baby is much steadier, tops and bodies that you pull over the head is usually not a problem anymore.

Baby clothes to buy for the 3-6-month-old baby:

  • Onesies rather than shirts – no problem if pulled over the head
  • Trousers with or without feet
  • For girls tights can now be very practical and cute to combine with a soft dress or short skirt. (Well, at winter tights are very practical for boys too, instead of long underwear and socks, but most parents don’t seem to dare using them for their baby boys.)
  • Collars and hoods are not as big a problem anymore, as the suckling and rooting reflexes are slowly disappearing.

6-9 Months Baby Clothes

Between 6 and 9 months many babies figure out how to move around one way or the other. So by now, trousers should not have feet. Many babies start scooting over the floor using their hands and toes – tough with slippery socks or trousers on.

Baby clothes to buy for the 6-9-month-old baby:

  • Onesies are still practical- no problem if pulled over the head
  • When the baby starts sitting up more, shirts instead of bodysuits work too
  • Trousers without feet
  • Trousers with a soft waist to maximize mobility
  • Soft soles shoes can be good for babies that have started practise walking. Just make sure that they are not slippery.

9-12 Months Baby Clothes

Now your baby is likely to have developed his or her pincer grasp. This means that buttons become quite dangerous if he can reach them. Also many babies have two sharp teeth in each of the jaws now, making any buttons or applications very tempting.

9-12 months is also an excellent time for the baby to start feeding themselves. Finger foods are a great way to practice the pincer grasp. However, this means that this age is not a good age for buying white clothes! Dark or bright colors are much more likely to survive your baby’s eating habits.

Big baby bibs are a great investment!

If your baby has started to crawl on hands and knees, you can start buying shirts instead of onesies. Trying to button the bodysuit on a wriggling baby is hard and if he or she doesn’t creep with the belly against the floor anymore, an onesie is not as necessary for being comfortable.

Baby clothes to buy for the 9-12-month-old baby:

  • Clothes with bright or dark colors so that they don’t become destroyed immediately from the baby’s effort to learn how to feed himself.
  • Clothes that can be washed in warm water (for the same reason).
  • Big baby bibs (for the same reason…)
  • Shirts instead of onesies if the baby has started to crawl (or walk).
  • Clothes without buttons that can be grabbed and chewed.
  • Soft soles shoes can still be good very for babies that have started practise walking or actually walk.

Buying Baby Clothing Gifts Online

Now you are all set to buy great baby clothing gifts. Want to shop online?

There are so many shops out there, and here is a list of my favorite online stores for baby clothes.

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