Fashion tips for babies/kids

This is a very important factor when it comes to choosing your little one’s clothes. Weather conditions and the activity the child is going to experience should be taken into account, when making the clothing choice. This is especially so for babies who can only show their discomfort in the most vocally challenging way. Uncomfortably dressed kids tend to be fussy and temperamental.

Easy Access

when clothes need to be changed, easy and quick access styles would be an advantage. Buying clothes that have colorful buttons and press studs in the right places will help to make changing jobs easier and also look smart on the kids.

Prints, designs and patterns

choosing something that will excite the child is always a good way to get their full cooperation. Animal and cartoon prints are always popular picks for kids and babies.

Bright and happy colours

nothing picks up the mood of everyone, like bight and happy colors do. Kids and babies are also able to relate to this phenomenon and ensuring their clothes are full of color would certainly help their moods.

Correct fit

too big or too small clothing creates many unwanted problems for both you and your child. Accidents are bound to happen if the clothing chosen does not fit well. This is especially important for active kids.

Over accessorize

babies should not have too many things pinned, clipped or designed into their clothing. Besides the possible dangers it can create, such as swallowing, poking and using it to hurt other kids, it can also be a nightmare to keep track of. Babies and kids clothing fashion should be limited to just simple add on accessories.

Over matching clothes

this can be a nightmare to look at. One color outfits are already quite overwhelming; adding bold prints and designs that come with everything matching is just too much of a distraction to pull off. Although some parents may find it cute to dress their babies and kids identically, some variation would be good advice to heed.

Too dressy

avoid dressing your little one in clothing that is too fanciful especially if the occasion does not call for such outfits, as it would be silly and uncomfortable for the child.

Neutral colors

kids and babies have the wonderful freedom of wearing styles with lots of color and patterns. It would be such a shame to dress your child up in boring neutral colors.

Suited to the activity

Do not put your child is styles that will not protect them from injury if outdoor activity is part of their day. Exposed knees and ill fitted shoes can lead to injury, so be dressed for the occasion.

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